“We want to make sure our passengers are taken care of, and digital communication helps with this”

Ewa Danecka-Łatka, our Budapest-based Senior Manager Customer Experience, explains how WIZZ is working to make every journey a pleasant one

2006, as a cabin crew member based in Gdansk (I am originally from Krakow). Since then, I have worked for the airline in Warsaw, Riga and Budapest, in roles that have ranged from Senior Cabin Attendant to Regional Manager to Crew Resource Management Instructor. Last year, I changed career paths again, joining the Customer Experience team as Senior Manager.

So you could say that I move around a bit. What I love most about my job, no matter the location, are thepeople I work with. It’s amazing how many great personalities we have under the WIZZ umbrella. Other than that, I love the challenges – they keep me growing, and ensure that I am just as enthusiastic today as I was on my first day with the company, 13 years ago.
This is a fascinating time to be part of the WIZZ family, especially in my line of work. We are rapidly improving our digital technology, including in customer communications. Today, we can reach people via app, email, SMS, airport screens or online – all of which allows us to provide passengers with accurate information in real time.

We are also focusing on customer care, in the event that disruptions occur. If a flight is delayed or cancelled, we want to make sure our passengers are taken care of, and digital communication helps with this. For instance, we are introducing an automated solution for providing virtual vouchers for meals and hotel accommodation. We have launched the programme in several locations, and will roll it out completely in the coming year.

Finally, I would like to suggest booking flights directly with WIZZ, which has several advantages. First, booking through wizzair.com (desktop or mobile) or via our app allows you to select services and customise your journey. Also, it will be easier for us to reach you – to inform you about the status of your flight, or to help you alter your plans. Just make sure to provide us with the right contact details when booking.

Our ultimate aim at WIZZ, now and always, is to achieve a seamless customer experience, and to make every journey a pleasant one.