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The Wizz Air Pilot Academy is a unique pilot training program, giving a whole new generation of pilots with little to no previous aviation experience the opportunity to obtain a Commercial Pilot License and the prospective of working as a pilot at Wizz Air, thanks to the high-quality pilot training starting from scratch, with the support of an experienced flight school and in line with Wizz Air's training standards. Thanks to the improved financial scheme of the tuition fee, you can be one step closer to your dream. Have you ever imagined of becoming a professional airline pilot? Then start here to make it come true! Look around and learn more about this profession and how you can be a member of the WIZZ Flight crew team!



At Wizz Air Pilot Academy we start a course every two months at our two contracted flight schools. For 2023 we are starting six new courses on the following dates:

• 20-03-2023    • 25-04-2023    • 15-05-2023    •  05-06-2023    • 18-07-2023    •  30-10-2023    •  21-11-2023



WAPA’s integrated theoretical and practical training take you from the beginnings till obtaining your Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings + Airline Transport Pilot License theory and a chance to join the Wizz Air Flight Crew team.


At Wizz Air Pilot Academy we start a course every two months in one of our contracted flights schools. For 2023 we are starting six new courses on the following dates:

  • 23-02-2023
  • 25-04-2023
  • 15-05-2023
  • 18-07-2023
  • 30-10-2023
  • 21-11-2023


Trener Flight Academy in Hungary

TEAMWORK - With our integrated training scheme, our aim is not only to provide a training, which fulfils the EASA requirements, but to train our cadets to become real team players. They must support their fellow cadets at all times, and move towards their goals together. In a multi pilot environment, – like an airline operation – this ability will be huge asset.

EXPERIENCE - We build on the experience, gathered through pilot trainings in Nyiregyhaza since 1968. Our instructors are Tréner graduates to make sure that the gathered knowledge and our high standards are passed on. Support from our senior instructors will guarantee the professionalism to our junior instructors.

QUALITY - As you probably see by now, our main goal is to provide quality. Next to investment in aircrafts and equipment, we are continuously enhancing our training structure. We involve active airline pilots in the creation of the syllabus. Furthermore, they will be involved with progress checks, theoretical trainings, and Multi Crew Cooperation Trainings.

Click HERE to visit the website of the Trener Flight Academy.

Egnatia Aviation in Greece

Egnatia Aviation is not just a school that provides major Airlines with pilots; it is an Academy that creates well-trained pilots in each category of specialisation. From Private Pilot Licenses to well trained professionals, Egnatia Aviation offers industry specific curricula for all kinds of Pilot Licenses, approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency and following the latest international aviation standards.

Strictly following our mission statement, Egnatia Aviation is committed to provide the best flight training conditions in Europe for the future commercial and private pilots. Egnatia Aviation combines the excellent flying training weather of Greece, modern facilities in an international airport, with new, modern training aircraft and simulator, experienced instructors and the best study guides to provide very competitively priced training packages that include all CAA and airport fees, and accommodation available at very competitive prices.

Click HERE to visit the website of the Egnatia Aviation


  • Ana Maria Ducu, Current WAPA Cadet

    "My passion for aviation pushed me towards choosing a career in this field. I believe the WAPA program is the best pathway that an aspiring student pilot can follow as it provides quality training into a dedicated environment. The work ethics and integrity are valuable parts that we develop throughout our training and that form us as future pilots at Wizz Air. 

    I am glad I chose Wizz Air Pilot Academy to pursue my dream."

  • Daniela Bindila, First Officer, ex- WAPA Cadet

    “The flight schools have very well-maintained aircrafts, big classrooms, all the training materials you need, all while offering a very well-structured programmeprogram. I have met extraordinary people here and the trainers are outstanding on both professional and personal levels.

    They’ve been extremely helpful from day one – giving me assistance with accommodation, the language as well as tips and advice on how to spend my free time."

  • Aleksandra Kachamakova, First Officer, ex- WAPA Cadet

    "I started my journey as a Cabin Crew and then joined the WAPA program. For me becoming a pilot was taking an opportunity to experience my love for aviation from different perspective and grow as a person professionally. It is more of a male perceived job, but it doesn’t mean woman can’t do it. As a pilot you might have to work a lot, ask for support from others and move to a different country, but if it’s your dream, its worth any struggles and sacrifice.

    If you follow your passion and fulfil your dreams, you’ll never feel like you’re working ever again."

  • Krastev Svetoslav , First Officer, ex- WAPA Cadet

    "I found my passion for aviation through working as a Cabin crew and when I left the job, I knew I had to back to flying and that’s how I found WAPA program.

    The opportunity provided was promising and the terms were quite reasonable and rewarding and I decided it’s the shot I need to take. Its better to try then to regret and I would suggest if you have passion for aviation go for it and try."


The first step is to apply online to Wizz Air Pilot Academy Program at Wizz Air Pilot Academy Programme. As a next step you will be pre-screened by the recruitment team and will be invited to the assessment day (after successful payment of the recruitment fee) in Budapest. The assessment day is a 2-day event comprised of an aptitude test and psychological assessment on day 1 and a personal interview and group exercise on day 2. Each stage in assessment is subject to passing the previous stage. A candidate receives an admission letter if he/she successfully completes all the stages.

The application is on Wizz Air’s career website under Pilot jobs. You’ll be asked to create a candidate profile at Wizz Air Pilot Academy Programme. Our recruiting team will review your application and notify you regarding the results if you successfully pass the pre-screening phase.

You will be asked to upload the copies of the following documents:

  • Valid ID or passport
  • High school diploma or the highest degree achieved
  • Criminal record (if applicable)
  • EASA approved class 1 medical certificate (if applicable)
  • Flight Crew Licence (if applicable)

Yes, candidates can choose their preference of the flight school during application process, and they will be given admissions accordingly.

Yes, the assessment takes place in person at Wizz Air training centre in Budapest, Hungary.

No, after your assessment is scheduled, you will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.

You’ll be invited to attend the assessment events at Wizz Air Training centre in Budapest if you successfully pass all the screening stages of the application. The assessment is a two-day event consists of the following steps:

  • Day 1:
    • Stage 1: Pilot aptitude test
    • Stage 2: Psychological assessment test
  • Day 2:
    • Stage 3: Group exercise
    • Stage 4: Personal interview

Each stage in assessment is subject to passing the previous stage.

Yes, the candidate can choose their start date within 1 year after successful recruitment.

No, medical certificate is not mandatory on the recruitment event, is it only mandatory to obtain before cadets enrol to the course.

No, the criminal record is not mandatory on the assessment day however, it is required before getting enrolled to the flight school.

The beneficial feature of the Wizz Air approved pilot aptitude test (TestAir) is that candidates can make preparation for it. Its training module designed for four home practices before final supervised test at the recruitment event. For the personal interview you will be asked about your goals and dreams, motivation, and reasons why you want to be a pilot. Most important is to come relaxed and well-rested.

Yes, the applicable fee is 85 EUR covering the cost of the Pilot Aptitude Test (TestAir360), which should be paid by bank transfer before the recruitment day (clear instructions will be given by the TestAir360).

We launch the assessment events continuously. Once we open new seats, we notify you about this by email. You can also check regularly in your candidate’s profile if there is an available event suits to your personal agenda.

Standard time of reviewing the results of the assessment is 2 weeks.

You need to be based and have an unrestricted right to live and work in one of the following countries where Wizz Air has an operational base: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

Aircraft cockpit and controls are designed on the assumption that the aircrew controlling the aircraft is between 158 cm and 191 cm in height (EASA CS 25.777). Therefore, and in view of our safety-first culture, if you are or below 160 cm in height or if you are or above 190 cm in height, we need to check and make sure that you have full and unrestricted reach of each control of our aircraft. We ask you to indicate your height during the registration so that we can schedule a test in one of our training devices if needed. Check will be done during the recruitment process in Budapest. Please note that your recruitment fee will not be reimbursed if you do not fit in the cockpit or cannot operate the controls.

Yes, application and recruitment can take place before turning 18 if the candidate has already obtained a high school degree, but starting the course is subject to be 18 years of age.

Applicants must have obtained a high school degree.

Before starting the course two types of contracts are signed: training agreement and a suretyship agreement. The training agreement contains the main terms and conditions of the program, and the suretyship contract contains an agreement between Wizz air and a person reasonably acceptable to Wizz Air (family member or relative of the candidate) undertakes to stand surety for the Cadet and pay on behalf of the cadet to Wizz Air if the cadet fails to pay the amount.

No, you do not need to have prior flying experience, however it is suggested that you engage in prior flying exercises to get a better understanding of whether this career path is truly of interest.

Each course has a capacity of 20-25 people.

The ATPL exams take place at the local CAA of the country the cadets are studying (in Hungary or in Greece), any relevant costs such as travel costs, accommodation should be covered by the cadets.

Cadets can give their base preferences that the company will take into consideration, but the final base allocation is made according to the current operational needs.

No, the program is an integrated ATPL course, that take the candidates from zero hours of flight experience to a ‘frozen’ ATPL license.

Yes, our program is designed for candidates from zero to little flying experience, therefore, it is possible to join with previous experience. Following an assessment flight Wizz Air may decide at its discretion that the earlier experience is acknowledged and that consequently an amount (up to maximum 20 hours) is credited from the total training fee. Regardless of having earlier experience, the initial training fee (13,950 EUR) needs to be fully paid before starting the program.

The Wizz Air Pilot Academy course duration is around 18 months long followed by 5-6 months of advanced training by Wizz Air.

Wizz Air Pilot Academy Program is a full-time course. The classes and trainings are done on weekdays from 8:00-17:00, and flying lessons can be scheduled at the weekends as well.

No, it is a full-time course, therefore cadets need to be fully dedicated to the program.

Trener Kft. uses PA-28 Warriors most of the primary training, for multi-engine training a Beech Duchess is available. Egnatia Aviation uses DA-20, DA-40 for single engine training and DA-42 for the multi engine part.

The candidate will receive a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) theory credit, including Multi Engine Piston (MEP Land) and Instrument Rating (ME-IR); Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training; advanced level Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) upon successful completion of the course.

The cost of the Ab-initio training is € 61 460. Out of this training fee you will have to pay € 13 950 initially before getting enrolled to the program. This part of the fee covers the first phase of the training program of approximately 5 months, including part of the ATPL(A) theory and around 20 hours of flight training. Remainder of the training fee is paid in monthly instalments for 5 years after being released as First Officer at Wizz Air, based on the below table:

Timing of the payment for remainder of the tuition fee and monthly installment (in EUR)

  • Between months 1-30 after Flight check for release: 520 EUR
  • Between months 31-60 after Flight check for release: 897 EUR
  • Between months 61-65 after Flight check for release: 1000 EUR*

* Loyalty bonus: the last five instalments (between months 61-65) amounting to 5000 EUR of the fees will be waived if you comply with the terms of the agreement especially if you maintain your employment at Wizz Air as a pilot for 5 years.

The cost of the advanced training is €35,000 which will be waived to €20,000 (paid back in installments in 4 years (€ 415/month) after being released as a first officer) if you decide to comply with the terms and agreements and maintain your employment for 4 years with the company.

The first instalment (€ 13.950) of the training fee should be paid by bank transfer within 30 days from the training agreement signature.

The loyalty period is 5 years, if the cadet decides to quit in the middle, the remaining fee should be paid back to the company by the cadet.


Would you like to hear more about our program? Do you have specific questions?
Perhaps want to see us personally? You can do that!

Register for the upcoming Open day nearest to you and meet us there!
Don’t forget that you can apply for the program even before & regardless of your Open day attendance!

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Would you like to hear more about our program? Do you have specific questions?
Perhaps want to see us personally? You can do that!

Register for the upcoming Open day nearest to you and meet us there!
Don’t forget that you can apply for the program even before & regardless of your Open day attendance!

If you don't want to miss any upcoming pilot academy event, please subscribe to our newsletter.



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