What’s it like to work for WIZZ on the ground? Wizz Air’s Senior Product Manager of Digital Experience, Ildikó Áncsán, gives us a glimpse into her role

As Senior Product Manager of Digital Experience, I strive for a seamless customer experience.

My aim is to provide digital tools and solutions that allow passengers to manage their travel-related needs, so I’m always looking for ways to improve our online flight search tools, whilealso providing more self-service solutions for our passengers.

WIZZ is a truly digital company.

Last year, our website was visited by more than 68m people and our mobile app was used by over 10m: they’re the equivalent of our shopfront. When improving our website we analyse that data in order to make informed decisions

Right now we’re working on a new disruption management system.

It includes push notifications about any changes to your flight, and a self-service system in caseof disruptions. We’re constantly looking to improve the app’s and website’s user experience, so we’re also asking for feedback about our performance – it helps us learn.

We’re creating a new search platform that combines flight search, destination map, fare finder and trip planner features.

You’ll be able to enter your preferred dates and we’ll show you where we fly from your city.

My colleagues are the best thing about working at WIZZ.

Everyone is so devoted and cooperative. In order to keep our flights affordable, people are responsible for lots of tasks. This not only keeps you busy and productive but also teaches you to stay focused and work efficiently.

I took this job because I wanted to do something that I loved.

I also wanted to contribute to a truly international and highly successful airline.

In my free time I love to travel.

It expands your horizons and helps you understand the world. I love seeing the new and unknown.

My all-time favourite city is Berlin.

I try to go at least once a year, but next on my list are Bari and Reykjavik. I can’t wait to explore Puglia, and I’m hoping to chase the Northern Lights in Iceland.