Wizz Air is now the greenest airline in Europe.
Here, Tamara Vallois, Wizz Air’s Head of Marketing and Communications, tells us what that really means.

People are always going to travel. The journeys we take make us better people, and the world around us a better place. That’s why we are committed to making sure everyone can benefit from travel at the lowest prices – while keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations.

Our customers are becoming more responsible when it comes to selecting airlines. Many try to find the optimal route, combine trips, travel lighter, opt for mobile boarding passes and choose higher seat-density planes in order to reduce the environmental impact per passenger. This is why, for us, it is key to be transparent and provide full information to enable an informed decision. Today, Wizz Air is the greenest choice of air travel one can make.

We are passionate about sustainability. We recently relaunched our corporate responsibility platform WIZZ Cares, which encompasses the three key pillars we care most about: People, the Environment and the Economy.

Over the next decade, we want to further reduce our CO2 emissions for every passenger by a third. We now have a paperless cockpit, use one-engine taxiing and lighter, more sustainable materials for the cabin interior. We’re also choosing efficient aircraft types and engines that reduce CO2, noise and NOx emissions.

Being a responsible business is not a race, in which we succeed if others fail – it is a continuous effort to make sure that Wizz Air tomorrow is even greener and more sustainable than Wizz Air today. We encourage all others to follow this philosophy, because we can only make true progress if everyone is on the same page.

Airports, airlines, authorities, aircraft manufacturers, suppliers – we all need to work together to ensure that air travel occurs in the most responsible way possible. We are pleased to see the airline world united by a common goal to leave a greener, better planet for future generations.