Date:  Jun 26, 2024
Company:  WIZZ Air UK Limited

Luton, GB, LU2 9LY


Wizz Air is a leading European low-cost airline. Our mission is to provide affordable and reliable air travel to everyone, everywhere, while minimizing our environmental impact. We are proud to foster a diverse and inclusive team of over 8,000 employees from more than 100 nationalities, who share our values of inclusivity, positivity, dedication, integrity, and sustainability.


As a rapidly expanding airline, we offer exciting career opportunities across a range of functions, from flight operations to engineering, customer experience, finance, and more. We provide extensive training and development opportunities to help our employees grow and succeed in their roles. Joining Wizz Air means joining a team that is passionate about aviation, dedicated to excellence, and committed to making air travel accessible and sustainable for all. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the aviation industry, we welcome you to explore our job opportunities and become a part of our success story.


Senior Manager of Safety, Security and Compliance - Nominated Person 

Based in Luton 




The Senior Manager of Safety, Security and Compliance (SS&C) reports to the Accountable Manager.



In respect of Management System the Snr Mgr – SS&C is responsible to the Accountable Manager for:


  • The development, implementation, maintenance and day-to-day administration of the SMS as required by ORO.GEN.200(a)(3) and CAMO.A.200
  • Providing strategic direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the organisation’s Management system (MS) through alignment and integration between Safety, Security and Compliance departments.
  • Providing information and advice to functional senior management and to the Accountable Manager on
  • matters relating to safe operations.
  • Promoting and encouraging effective safety reporting, through the dissemination of compliance and safety related information through various media channel and ensures all safety related training material reflects a learning culture.
  • Models and promotes a just culture across the Wizz organization that fosters safety practices through effective leadership. Acts as an information conduit to bring safety issues to the attention of management and to deliver safety information to the organization’s staff, contractors and stakeholders.
  • In conjunction with WAC, Oversees the development, implementation and maintenance of the Emergency Response Plan ERP.
  • In conjunction with the Compliance Managers - AOC and CAMO, Ensures timely and adequate closure of non-compliances
  • Ensure the implementation, management and supervision of exceedances derived from the FDM programme and, where required, assess the event(s) with the flight crew member(s) concerned.
  • Identification and assessment of issues from FDM programme and their transmission to the manager(s) responsible for the process(es)concerned.
  • Leads the continuous improvement of the organisation’s safety risk management through the hazard identification and safety risk assessment methods.
  • In liaison with the Compliance manager’s AOC and CAMO, provides management oversight that all activities are performed in accordance with the procedures, requirements and policies under the supervision of the functional heads.
  • Represents the organization on government, international organization and industry committees (e.g. EASA, ICAO, IATA, CAA, AIB, etc.).
  • Oversees the operation, update, and development of Integrated Management Software.
  • Measures the effectiveness and seeks to continually improve the quality of processes and enhance data driven decision making.
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are allocated to the Safety, Security & Compliance department and that personnel are adequately trained for their roles and responsibilities; raising any resource and training issues to the Accountable Manager.
  • Prepare material and manage Safety Action Group, Safety Review board and Management Evaluation meetings in regards of safety and compliance monitoring performance
  • Establishes an effective SMS compliant with UK regulations; oversees the FDM program; analyses safety data for trends related to hazards, events and occurrences; maintains an up to date risk register that is effectively co-ordinated across operational departments.
  • In conjunction with the SS&C team, ensures an independent, unified compliance monitoring system including an effective audit program covering all internal and external activities. Assess the future potential risk through an active review of future demands in line with projected operational growth, and proactively identify suitable mitigations.
  • Ensuring the independence and impartiality of the CM team staff and other external auditors.
  • The immediate raising of significant safety issues to the AM. Facilitating the direct access to the AM by compliance manager’s AOC and CAMO & Security Manager
  • Providing strategic direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the organization’s Management system (MS) through alignment and integration between Safety, Security and Compliance departments.
  • The liaison with the competent authority on all flight safety and compliance matters.
  • Monitor the implementation of actions taken to mitigate risks, as listed in the safety action plan.
  • Provide periodic reports to senior management and the safety forums on safety performance.
  • Ensure safety management documentation (processes and procedures) remains current.
  • Ensure that there is safety management training available and that it meets acceptable standards.
  • Ensure that appropriate and practicable safety action is taken by the responsible manager within a reasonable period of time that reflects the severity of the issue.
  • Ensure initiation and follow-up of internal occurrence/accident investigations.
  • Raising any immediate concerns to the AM  related to Wizz Air Group compliance with regulations that could put safety or the approval at risk.
  • Ensuring communication and coordination with operational managers in the management of operational risk.
  • Ensuring that the activities of Wizz Air are monitored for compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements, and any additional requirements as established by Wizz Air, and that these activities are carried out under the supervision of the head of functional areas.
  • Ensure compliance monitoring documentation (processes and procedures) remains current.
  • The development, implementation review and improvement of the Compliance monitoring programme.
  • Defining, implementing, and reviewing a yearly CM plan for all external contractors and subcontractors.
  • The overall responsibility for the CMS setting, and delivering KPIs, Oversight of CMS related KPIs.
  • Provide input to Safety management system about hazards identified during CM activities.
  • Manage IATA coordinated CM activities (IFQP and DAQCP) and programmes.
  • Define and maintain a system for follow up of regulatory changes.


In respect of Security Management, the Snr Mgr SS&C is responsible for:

  • Establishing, maintaining and continuously improving an effective security management system.
  • Ensuring an effective risk analysis, threat assessment and response capability.
  • Conducting threat assessment and make special security measures operational during periods or incidents of increased threat.
  • Formulating an overall security policy for acceptance by Accountable Manager.
  • Promoting and promulgating company-wide security standards in coordination with Wizz Air Group AOCs
  • Establishing and maintaining effective security liaison with governments, airport authorities and law enforcement agencies.
  • Monitoring effectiveness of the Wizz Air UK Security Program according to security quality control
  • Program.
  • Maintaining effective security liaison with Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom.
  • Reporting all actual or suspected acts of unlawful interference with A/C operations and Mandatory Occurrences (Security) to the appropriate authority.
  • In coordination with Wizz Air Group AOCs and if required with the Security Observers managing mid/ long term projects and maintaining continuous oversight of deviations from company standards, ensuring the on-time execution of security corrective and improvement actions, and the systematic risk assessment.
  • Liaison with the Functional Heads of WUK and other AOCs of Wizz Air Group on security matters.
  • In coordination with WAC, assess the future potential risk through an active review of future demands in line with projected operational growth, and proactively identify suitable resources, technologies, systems or processes to mitigate risk.



The Snr Mgr of Safety, Security  & Compliance has the authority to:


  • Activate the CMC
  • To manage and be responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Perform personal meeting with Wizz staff in the interest of SS&C.
  • Disseminate information to management and non-management staff as appropriate, to ensure awareness of relevant flight safety, sceurity and compliance issues.
  • Perform or instigate safety investigations.
  • Have access to all parts oof the organisation including any contracted organisation.
  • Approve department’s manuals.
  • Request a copy of the CVR recording files in accordance with CAT.GEN.MPA.195.
  • Perform audits, inspection, and other CM activities.
  • Perform personal meeting with WIZZ personnel when performing CM activities.
  • One time extension of CAP due dates up to 3 months.
  • Revision of approved yearly CM plan within the given planning cycle
  • Communicate with UK CAA, EASA, other authorities and OEMs and vendors.
  • Approve security assessment for new base/station opening.
  • Approve security related part of company manuals
  • Request and approve immediate termination of operations in certain geographical location of Wizz Air UK network or network-wide in case of imminent security threat.



  •  Must have knowledge of:
    • ICAO standards, UK and European requirements and provisions on safety management;
    • Safety investigation techniques;
    • Auditing techniques
    • Just culture and its applications; and
    • Human factors in aviation.
  • Relevant work experience, at a level of manager or above, in:
    • Management systems including compliance monitoring systems and safety management;
    • Risk management; and
    • The operation of the organisation.
  • Other desirable competencies:
    • The promotion of a positive safety culture;
    • Interpersonal, influencing and leadership skills;
    • Previous line management experience
    • Oral and written communication skills;
    • Data management, analytical and problem-solving skills;
    • Professional integrity, impartiality.
  • Fluent English written and spoken
  • Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Work well under pressure
  • Data management, analytical and problem-solving skills



  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • 5 years aviation working 2 years safety or compliance managerial experience
  • SMS Course or equivalent qualification
  • Proven experience in the Aviation environment
  • Knowledge of Aviation Legislation and ICAO Annexes
  • General management & project management
  • A broad operational knowledge and experience in the functions of the organization
  • Knowledge of safety management and compliance monitoring principles and practices
  • Fluent English written and spoken
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • ICAO ASTP/Management
  • Aviation Security Audit and quality control
    • Emergency Response Planning



What we offer:

  • Base salary and employee bonus scheme
  • Unlimited number of significantly discounted and confirmed seating tickets, giving access to a continuously growing network of destinations
  • Relocation package (if applicable) – expense budget, Temporary accommodation, Administration support
  • Life insurance
  • Instant impact, from any level of the organisation, exposure to C-suite management
  • Fast career progression, internal mobility and talent management supported by training opportunities (Wizz Academy and bespoke trainings)
  • True international and multi-cultural work environment, passionate, driven and diverse teams




When applying, please only provide valid information regarding your educational background and certificates, as the original documents will be requested during the hiring process.


We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your skills and experience. Join the Wizz Air team and discover the world of opportunities. 



Job Segment: Compliance, Transmission Line Supervisor, Risk Management, QC, Legal, Energy, Aviation, Finance, Quality