Date:  Dec 4, 2023
Company:  Wizz Air Hungary Légiközlekedési Korlátolt Felelős

Wizz Air Group, HU, H-1103

Are you a former WIZZ Employee? Now it is your long-awaited chance to return to WIZZ


We are excited to see that you are interested in returning to Wizz Air. As you might know, we offer a unique opportunity paired with an expedited application process for ex WIZZ colleagues to return to the company until 31 December 2023, and are keen to have you back. We know that once your heart became pink, it will remain pink forever. Wizz Air has undergone remarkable growth and transformation since you left, and we believe that your talents and expertise would play a pivotal role in taking us to even greater heights of success.


Now, as we are steadfastly moving ahead towards WIZZ 500, we need individuals like you—passionate, experienced, and driven— to help us drive innovation, foster a positive work environment, and create ground breaking solutions that will shape the future.


Returning to WIZZ will not only allow you to reconnect with old friends and colleagues but also offer you the well-known multitude of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our commitment to nurturing talent and offering a stimulating work environment remains as strong as ever. We want to provide you with the ideal platform to excel, explore your potential, and realize your pink dreams.


Let's reunite and embark on a new chapter of success, innovation, and fulfilment at Wizz Air.


Please check out our open office, cabin crew and pilot positions and apply quickly, because we have limited number of positions. Below please find the details of the application process and the eligibility criterion.


Initial application form for former Wizz employee


Application process:


  1. By clicking HERE, we will redirect you a questionnaire
  2. Please fill the form
  3. Our recruitment team will evaluate your application and reach out to you


Eligibility criteria for office positions:


  • minimum 3 years of full time employment previously at Wizz Air
  • minimum AA rating at the end of employment with no outstanding disciplinary


Eligibility criteria for cabin and flight crew positions: *


  • minimum 3 years of full time employment previously at Wizz Air
  • strong performance track record with no outstanding disciplinary 


Please do not click the “Apply” button, but the click on the link above.


*Please note that since the available positions are limited, we will be contacting only selected candidates and not providing feedback for reasons of decision.


Hope to see you soon on board again!

Job Segment: Developer, Technology